New Jersey's Leading Manufacturer Of Pallets, Crates, Tree Stakes,
Survey Stakes, Silt Fence Stakes, Wood Pellet Fuel, Karate Boards and More!

Central Jersey's Leading Distributor Of
Pine Shavings And Ice Melt Products
For over 45 years now, Notie Corporation has been one of the Mid-Atlantic
Region's leading suppliers of quality cut and assembled timber products.  
Our automated saw line is state of the art to suit our customers most
exacting tolerances.  The thin kerf technology we employ helps to
conserve our nations natural resources while at the same time insuring
we get the most out of every timber we process.  The list of products we
produce includes Pallets, Crates, Boxes, Tree Stakes, Survey Stakes,
Surveyors Hubs, Silt Fence Stakes, Martial Arts Training Boards and Wood
Pellet Fuel for Pellet Burning Stoves.
Notie Corporation
Here at Notie we take seriously the fact that we are entrusted with the use
and care of one of our country's most valuable, renewable resources.  
Nothing is wasted.  Solid lumber cutoffs from our saw line are turned
around and used for fuel in our wood burning heating system.  This
system heats our entire plant during the winter months.  The 288,000
cubic feet of sawdust we produce annually provides bedding for livestock
and mulch for gardeners.  Browse these pages to learn more about us
and get descriptions of our full product and service range.
Notie Corporation
177 Route 526
Allentown, N.J.  USA

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Notie Corporation
177 Route 526
Allentown, NJ  08501
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