We are Central New Jersey's leading manufacturer of quality hardwood, softwood
and heat treated pallets.  Our twin Viking Champion pallet assembly machines are
both state of the art and computer controlled to provide the precision and accuracy
our customers demand from their pallets.
Provide your own pallet spec or we'll collaborate on the design work with
you.  The quoting process is fast and easy.  Our central location in the
Mid-Atlantic region gives us access to ample supplies of both hardwoods and
softwoods.  Call or email with your specs and requirements and we'll be happy
to work with you and provide a quotation.
177 Route 526
Allentown, N.J.  USA
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Notie Corporation
177 Route 526
Allentown, NJ  08501
Central New Jersey's Leading Manufacturer of Harwood, Softwood And Heat Treated Pallets