Premium Wood Pellet Fuel
Our Wood Pellet Fuel is Premium Quality.  Manufactured from 100%
Hardwoods, it contains 95% Oak/Walnut residue.  This pellet product
contains NO binders or fillers as you will find in other brands sold by
discount retailers.  Our Premium Wood Pellet Fuel has been lab
tested by Cornell University to burn at 8,000 BTU's with ash content
at or near .5%....borderline Super Premium.    It's a fact.  Our pellets
burn clean and hot.  You'll definitely notice the difference from
cheaper brands offered by discount resellers.
Notie Corporation
177 Route 526
Allentown, N.J.  USA

Mill --  609-259-3477
Fax  609-259-1921
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Sales --
Sales -- 410-213-1549
Bagged in 40# bags, there are 50 bags per skid/ton.  22 tons to the
trailer.   Local and regional delivery is available.  Call or email today
for current pricing on pellets and delivery quotes.
Notie Corporation
177 Route 526
Allentown, NJ  08501
Premium Quality Wood Pellets 1 Ton
Premium Quality Wood Pellet Fuel 50 Bags - 1 Ton
Local Pickup From Our Allentown, NJ Mill. Delivery Possible to NJ and Philly, NY Area. Additional Charges Apply.
Pick Up At Our Warehouse And Save Delivery Charges
Choose "Local Pickup" On Checkout
Stay Warm All Winter -- Order Wood Pellets Direct From The Manufacturer
We now also carry Super Premium Quality 100% Pure
Southern Yellow Pine Pellets.  These pellets are tested to
burn at 8440 Btu's with .3% Ash Content.